Cotswolds, Wales, England

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Cotswolds road . photo by : helen agustine

Cotswold is a perfect place for retirements with true natural beauty, containing ancient villages and towns and outstanding landscapes. Spend 2-3 days in Cotswolds, stay in an old cottage, have a road trip, meet the locals, and took panorama pictures. I went here in summer time, which is a perfect time to see lavender fields and blooming flowers.


photo by : helen agustine


meadows and hills . photo by: helen agustine


lavender fields . photo by: helen agustine


Cotswolds is one of the best places I’ve ever been in England, since I really love gardens and nature, and here you can see lots of them. I stayed in a motel, sited in Bibury (described as “the most beautiful village in England”), and it was close to the most well-known ancient cottages in England, Arlington Row. They are built from honey colour limestone in 17th century and bounded with vines.


arlington row, bibury . photo by: helen agustine


old cottages in bibury . photo by: helen agustine


green river and bridge . photo by: helen agustine

I drove around the Gloucestershire area: Bibury, Bourton on the Water, Moroton in Marsh, Chipping Campden, and Broadway. It takes 15 to 30 minutes from one village to another, depends of how far the villages are. Hills, rivers, meadows were everywhere, and you can make some stopovers to get many of fine landscape pictures. 


small town, cotswolds . photo by: helen agustine

Bourton on the Water has some homey restaurants and interesting attractions such as gift stores, vintage car museum, local perfumery, and The Model Village (where you can visit one-ninth scale replica of Bourton on the Water, made originally from the same building’s material, limestone). The residents fill their summer time by having picnic along the river, walking their dogs, and having tea. The village has gained it’s name as “The Venice of Cotswolds”, is prominent by it’s tranquil river, that it’s fed from many springs10 miles from the village, .


bourton on the water . photo by: helen agustine


The venice of cotswolds, bourton on the water . photo by: helen agustine


cotswold motor museum . photo by: helen agustine

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