Prague, Czech Republic

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City of Prague . photo by: helen agustine

Prague still takes place as the most exotic city i’ve ever been. The city filled mystical beliefs, histories, and eccentric old architecture. I think I can never get bored to walk around the city, especially in the night. We can see a beautiful city lights from the Castle of Prague across the famous Charles Bridge.


Old Town Square, Prague . photo by: helen agustine

The Prague Castle is the main attraction of the city, a perfect gothic cathedral was established inside the castle complex, and it is the biggest and the most important church in the country.


St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle Complex . photo by: helen agustine


Interior of St. Vitus Cathedral, a perfect example of gothic architecture . photo by: helen agustine

I stayed for 2 nights in a hostel next to Charles Bridge, a strategic location to mingle around the city by walking. There are so many cheap hostels in Prague, I got 5 euro per night/person. A row of local restaurants, bars, and small shops are placed just in front of the hostels and it was a crowded street especially in the evening.


Street Restaurants near Charles Bridge . photo by: helen agustine

The Metro in Prague is one of the most puzzling transportation as far as I’ve traveled. It was not because the map or line or direction, but it was because each name of the destination looks the same for me. They have a long Czech words (for me to read), and I hardy remember the name of the place. hahaha. After all, the subway stations are designed very sophisticated and attractive.


Prague Metro . photo by: helen agustine

Prague is also famous for it’s marionette puppet and shows, which for me they look a bit scary. But they are all well made by the locals, and sold in many small shops around the castle, from a tiny thumb size until a real human size. Beside handcrafts and dolls, this city is also famous for it’s “Dancing Building”, design by one of the most influential architect, Frank Gehry.


The “Dancing Building”, by Frank Gehry . photo by: helen agustine


A vintage car on a street . photo by: helen agustine

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