Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelone, “the city of Gaudi”, is one of the most favourite place to travel for architects. Antoni Gaudi was a spanish architect who dedicated his work to the most unique and distinctive architectural styles and organic look constructions. I spent 2 days in Barcelona for an architectural trip, and it was a short time (you should spend more days).


Architecture trip of Barcelona . photo by: helen agustine

It was really easy to travel around Barcelona because I went around by “hop on hop off” tour busses, that has many stops in every tourist attraction every 10 minutes. I stayed in youth hostel called “Christopher’s Inn“, it was really nice for backpackers because it designed very well and modern. The inn has great facilities, nice bed rooms, good value of money, and strategic location. In the night, I had my dinner while enjoying the famous Flamenco dance performance. I was stunned by seeing the dance and their feet movement, accompanied by a live local spanish instruments.


Christopher’s Inn . photo by: helen agustine


Flamenco Dance Performance . photo by: helen agustine

So I went 3 Gaudi’s building. Parc de Guel, the icon of the city where I found it very interesting, especially the organic form stone tunnel which is exquisite to capture by camera. If you go in summer time, it’s gonna be very hot outside, and strangely it was so cool inside the tunnel. The other Gaudi’s masterpiece is Casa Mila (an organic hotel building inspired by ocean waves), and Casa Batllo ( Gaudi’s house that looks like a dragon, both exterior and interior).


Parc de Guel organic Tunnel . photo by: helen agustine


Parc de Guel . photo by: helen agustine


Casa Batllo . photo by: helen agustine

I didn’t make it to go inside the Sagrada Familia Basilica, Gaudi’s masterpiece and the most popular tourist attraction in Barcelona. There is always a long queue to get in and I didn’t have much time, if you wanna go here make sure that you have a lot of time to queue, and come earlier.

The other famous architect, Mies van de Rohe, has settled his masterpiece, Barcelona Pavilion in the heart of the city. This is the basic of modern architecture style that my lecture teach me in the first semester of my Bachelor degree. The pavilion is now open for public as a tourist attraction, it has a very simple, clean, and geometric form of architecture, with 2 reflecting pools. We can’t swim here of course, but as an architect it was just a pride to step our feet on one of the first modern architecture style building.


Barcelona Pavilion . photo by : helen agustine


The Art Statue in Barcelona Pavilion . photo by: helen agustine


Glass, Steel, and Stone – Barcelona Pavilion . photo by: helen agustine

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