Academy of Performing Arts (Final Project, 2013)Helen_-_Suasana_1_-_GG(S0,W100),CROSSP(L02),GRADFOG(015)

Location : Ujung Berung, Eastern Bandung (suburban area), Indonesia

Theme : “Journey to the Star”

Ujung Berung is cultural and educational area development, famous with the artworks and traditional performances that handed down generation through generation. The academy facilitates local needs and students to study in green environment. The main concept explain about the “journey” (the process of learning / education) to become a “star” (a performer).¬†Helen_-_rev_-_Bird_Eye_Noon_-_jepeg Helen_-_rev_-_Bird_Eye_Night_-_jepeg

The site consists of 3 main zones, administration zone, education zone, and theatre zone. Building masses are arranged linearly according to the grand pedestrian with green spaces between buildings to provide a good quality of air movement (cross ventilation system).

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